Day 134 - Ascension is near, are we clear?

December 21st 2012 is drawing near. I've been excited since 2005. Haha.

Current coffee table set up :)

In all of my research into the subject of 2012, the primary take away I experienced was a feeling of being more enlightened than others. With my willingness to investigate topics that the majority of my peers turned away from, I felt like I had an upper hand by having accepted more spiritual knowledge as truth. My self-definition as a Truthseeker was compounding and expanding, and I was almost literally getting high off the notion of having "inside" information that only us Truthseekers cared to investigate. I separated myself from others, created a mental superiority-inferiority gap, and it wasn't obvious.

Moving from 2012 research, to DNA activation with monatomic gold and scared geometry, and into the Desteni material had a nice flow to it. I watched many hours of youtube videos and read the forums for perspective on whatever I was curious about. All was groovy. I was on board with Oneness, have been. Equality, I didn't understand that part, but it rang true enough to press on.

Now, as we approach the long awaited day where we ascend to the 5th dimension and the world undergoes a monumental change, my excitement is revved up. Why? I think it's because I'm curious to see how everyone responds to this day that I've spent some time identifying with.

So, is this day something to fear or prepare for. No, not really. How do I know? Because I've begun to really see the difference between the mind's play-ups and reality. The positive or negative perceptions that I've held within me are merely that. Reality is a continuous, grounded, physical motion. Thanks to Desteni for the slap in the face, else I'd still be working with my superiority complex so that I could get closer to ascension and further from the fear of death.

When and as I see myself in separation from another human being, I stop I breathe. I realize that my motivation to separate myself from others is fear-based, and I commit myself to clearing my fear. I realize ascension isn't near, and that I'll always be here.

And if ascension doesn't happen, I won't be surprised. Join us in self-honesty. Thank you.