Day 395 - Remember the System Demon Portal Interviews?

Desteni - interdimensional portal, system demons

This is a YouTube Playlist of the 32 different mind system demons that came through the portal in 2011-2012

2011 System Demons 1 - Fear Demon
2011 System Demons 2 - Child Abuse Demon
2011 System Demons 3 - Prophet Demon
2011 System Demons 4 - Mother Demon
2011 System Demons 5 - Father System
2011 System Demons 6 - Time Demon
2011 System Demons 7 - Trust Demon
2011 System Demons 8 - Sex Demon
2011 System Demons 9 - Masturbation System
2012 System Demons 10 - Nervous Demon
2012 System Demons 11 - Fear of Loss Demon
2012 System Demons 12 - Obsession Demon
2012 System Demons 13 - Possession Demon
2012 System Demons 14 - Swear word Demon
2012 System Demons 15 - Peace Demon
2012 System Demons 16 - Money Demon
2012 System Demons 17 - Knowledge Demon
2012 System Demons 18 - Wisdom Demon
2012 System Demons 19 - Ascension Demon
2012 System Demons 20 - Health Demon
2012 System Demons 21 - Meditation Demon
2012 System Demons 22 - DIY removal of System
2012 System Demons 23 - Crocodile Tears Demon
2012 System Demons 24 - Energy Demon
2012 System Demons 25 - Embarrassment Demon
2012 System Demons 26 - Fear of Change Demon
2012 System Demons 27 - Sacred Geometry Triangle Demon
2012 System Demons 28 - Knowledge Demon
2012 System Demons 29 - Information Demon
2012 System Demons 30 - Belief System Demon
2012 System Demons 31 - Starting Point Demon
2012 System Demons 32 - Flagpoint Demon


It's been too long since I've watched these! I can't even be sure that I've watched them all. This post is just to emphasize how supportive these interviews are, still today! I'll continue from this post expanding on specific System Demons, how they exist in my life, and how I will support myself to remove them.

Credit to Demons Daily on YouTube
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Day 394 - Inertia of Self

Inertia: (physics) the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force

I have been a body at rest. Life has thrown at me a myriad of impulses (external forces) that have moved me in a multitude of directions. The impulses that I accept and allow most, become the direction in which I most travel. Inertia.

Fascinating! My force within me has hardly been expressing. This force, this initiative force that comes from within me, not an external force, is a force that I must actively create and strengthen. It starts small and while I'm still within the storm of velocities that I'm traveling as a consequence of external influences that I took on. So, firstly, this inner force must be directed at understanding itself, myself. Knowing who I am as this inner force will require practice, testing and living. I no longer allow myself as a victim of inertia.

I create or allow movement. I am a being subject to inertia. I must see, realize and understand my velocities, or directions in which my personality has developed and so guides me currently. My current speed and direction that shapes my life path must be stopped if I am to create a new velocity for my life. I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to not see this dynamic of how I am a product of my past, traveling down my life path with not even an ounce of 'free will'. I commit myself to create movement as a manifested stopping power for my pre-existing state of inertia. I commit myself to create myself as manifested movement in the direction that supports what is best for all.

Desteni has a very specifically created direction. The Desteni material was an external force unlike most of the others. It forced me to look at myself with Self-honesty, and for the first time I began recognizing my own inertia. I still have sooo much inertia that continues to move and create within the self-interest & survival principles. But now that I'm a Destonian, I have an understanding of my own inertia and my capacity to change it.

I'm not condemned to the direction my life was headed before I started investigating the Desteni material. I understand and see my Self-Directive, Principled Living Potential. Now I am continually faced with the awareness of my current movement and state of inertia. Now, I have the choice to be self-honest and direct myself according to what will create best for all outcomes for life.

Life has an inertia to it. It's unstoppable. The programmed mind also has an inertia quality to it, but it's much more easily stopped. It's just a program. I, as an internal and principled Life-Force, am able to direct effort toward rewriting the program. It's just an educated choice.

It's easy to remain inert, but at don't want to look back and see that you were merely a creation of inertia. You want to look back and see the inertia you've created.

Start educating yourself. Investigate everything. Give yourself the choice to express as life. Best. Gift. Ever.

Day 393 - Realizing My Utmost Potential: Seize Moments of Opportunity

Never again will I wait and hope for opportunity to embrace me.

The eighth vow of success as written in Og Mandino's book titled The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part II: The End of the Story. I just read this "scroll" tonight for the first time, and it resonated with me in a very important way. Most of my life, I've been fortunate and had access to most earthly pleasures. I felt special. My world was filled with opportunities, and it was relatively effortless to move myself in the direction that best suited me. Opportunities came knocking, and all I had to do was say yes or no. For the first time in my life, opportunities are not overtly coming to me  as they had in my past. Going with the flow is no longer a viable option.

Now it is my turn to go knocking on opportunity's door. I am now responsible for recognizing potential, AND doing the hard work to create success from opportunity. This is the key take away I received from my reading tonight. Moving myself and taking the initiative in life is personally an underdeveloped skill. I hadn't need it in my passive approach to seizing blatantly obvious opportunities that would serve my best interests. No longer flowing down that easy river of predetermined direction that I called life, I now must lead myself in and as life to create my/life's utmost potential. The commitment to consider all as equals, as life, as one, as myself is a real game changer! I stand. I take on this challenge. I commit myself to finding and creating opportunities that are conclusive solutions in supporting what is best for all life.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that it is my responsibility to put forth serious effort in transforming opportunity into value.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take for granted my past living and lifestyle of going with the flow, of zombie-like decision making, of waiting for success to find me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think, believe and perceive that I will always be taken care of by the universe because I am special.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am more special than other people in my world and reality.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel entitled to comfortable living.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to realize that without taking the initiative to lead and create my life in specificity, I am not really living at all. To follow the automated living of consciousness is hardly living. I realize that if I am going to manifest my highest potential of myself and so contribute to manifesting the highest potential of humanity, I MUST MOVE.


What a great word to investigate! Join me tomorrow for my philosophical reflection here.

Declaration of Principled Living 1.2

Day 392 - On Writing: Sharing is Caring

As everyone in the universe has or will have noticed that I've not been posting regularly in this Journey to Life blog, I now commit myself to rejuvenate my blogging initiative.

What does this mean exactly? Rejuvenate as in "Return to life," and Initiative as in "a new program or strategy for dealing with a problem." Writing in my Journey to Life blog is a personal process, shared with all. Writing on my own private computer journal has been trending recently, and I've made all kinds of justifications for why I write there and not here, publicly. No more!

I'm going to get back into the groove of unconditionally sharing my process and writing with you all because then you are able to hold me accountable and check my words. If you can relate to a mind pattern that I've opened up for myself, great. It's not fair to myself or others for me to keep my writing private, with the exception of sensitive subjects that common sense wouldn't allow for publishing. The main point, I'm here to do what is best for all, and sharing my process writing is best for all.

So, welcome back Dan!

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire to have a coherent progression within my Journey to Life blog, and to have used this desire as an excuse to not write on the most salient process points on the moment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I need to first write privately and only later transfer the writing into a blog. Within this, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to resist editing and publishing previously written material from my private computer journal. In addition to the resistance, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel like it is 'cheating' to "plagiarize" myself and not just write new material directly into Blogger.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the negative perception I had toward copying and pasting my own writing as an excuse to not post at all. In this, I realize that the uncertainty and non resolution of this point within myself was leading me into a mental stalemate, a confusion that I didn't sort out, I didn't find a solution, I suppressed it, subconsciously figuring that I'd address it sometime. Not cool. If I let my mind move me into such suppressions, the problem persists.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire to write a perfect blog, and so create a resistance toward publishing until I've written a certain amount, found a picture, labeled the keywords, and crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's (as if that was a real problem these days)

If you haven't starting your writing process yet:
If you have, keep moving! :)