Day 16 - No More Nail Biting

Continuing from Day 14 - Stopping Nail Biting & Day 15 - Clearing Attachment to Nail Biting

I'm done.

I commit myself to pure honesty in facing my desire to continue biting. It's the second bite when I exist as an allowance; this must stop.

I commit myself to stopping myself from biting my nails the moment I realize, every time.

I commit myself to continue to expose my nail biting tendencies to myself until I stand completely stable, not ever starting to bite.

I commit myself to not justifying, continuing, or allowing myself to bite my nails.

It's done.

Any further continuance of nail biting with be scrutinized to find the starting point. Within this, any residual nail biting will serve assupport in continuing this process of exposing my anxieties so that I may address them.  Thank you, and

I call on all readers to take responsibility for your allowances that you've postponed getting around to.

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