Day 12 - Procrastina...Self-Trust?

     This blog was going to be about procrastination, but I've already done that. Furthermore, when I was spending a little time with my cat tonight, I saw that, I have not be paying attention to my cats for at least a minute each day, within awareness of living this point. Therefore, behind the procrastination, behind all the fear of failure that I create for myself, I see this point:

I have not yet established honest Self-Trust.

This has been a huge falling point because I see clearly now that I have not been trusting myself in many areas, and in others, I'm downright lying to myself. I make claims and commitments that I am not honest about. I don't really mean what I say, even to myself!!

Giant red flag alert! Giant red flag alert! All systems divert attention to breath. Re-focus. New starting point. I must clear this point of self-dishonesty before moving forward. If it takes me a week, so be it. I'm wasting time trying not to waste time. I just need to apply myself unconditionally.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize self trust.


I commit myself to researching, reading and understanding this point, so that I may best be able to stand up and execute my authentic will within and as honest self-trust, for me...for life.

 Update: I commit myself to listening to myself. Reading about self-trust isn't trusting self.