Day 408 - Sorry for not sharing

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be and become overwhelmed when I consider sitting down to write a blog post.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not take back my awareness, breathe, and direct myself to specifically express myself in a way that supports what is ultimately best for all.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself, as ego, to insert self-interested priorities that are not only NOT best for all, but also and obviously not best for myself either.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to get caught up in attempting to portray 'honesty', rather than showing how I live the word 'honesty', with myself, seen in the results of my direct, living participation in physical reality.

I commit myself to sitting down and sharing myself with the world, here. I commit myself to do it more frequently. I commit myself to investigating the resistances to writing blogs, more deeply than I have thus far.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to trust myself, that I know who I am in my expression as my written words, and that I trust myself within living 'integrity' to the degree to which I am comfortable sharing my writings with the world. If I look at the top of the page, I see that I've done this already four hundred and seven times. Dan, I suggest to now go back to your old posts and see what I can learn from myself!

So, please, forgive me for not sharing. I commit to take personal responsibility for not sharing myself through a shared investigation of why I haven't. That's a big statement. <that's a reaction.

I react to this because it's head on with what's been holding me back. (This process really is about specifying our aim, and taking on these systems without allowing fear to direct our actions!) To live a commitment like really takes effort. I am responsible for now creating/producing something. I am responsible for taking on this, specific responsibility.

Also, I haven't been sharing myself specifically because I don't want to, for reasons based somewhere on the continuum of self-honest to not. Purifying this decision tree, would be of vast importance. Like cleaning up the starting point in a vital way. Once clean, I will know my why. I will LIVE it.

With this solution in place, I will allow myself to generate organized, specific, supportive writings.

For awhile, I have been giving myself some writing. And now, I commit myself to giving more writing, to everyone. Thank you for being here with me.