Day 82 - Fear masked with Indecision pt.2

When and as I see myself in a state of indecision, I stop I breathe.

I realize that behind the indecision of the moment of social pressure for direction lies inhibiting fear of judgement, and if I do not have the consensus or agreement of the majority, I will lose my power as the authority and likability that I desire.

I commit myself to stopping my obsession and worry with being liked and in control of my social environment. Through this worry, I only perpetuate my lack of control.

I commit myself to recognizing my indecisive moments for what they are as a specific fear, and then to write it out and continue to release myself from that energy with self-forgiveness.

I commit myself to leading by example of what has worked for me, and to recognize when I have overstepped myself into the realm of over-confidence.

I commit myself to standing equal with others within my decision making process. The extent to which I only consider my self-interest within and as fear or pleasure seeking is overwhelming. This point will take patience, and I will persist.

I commit myself to redefining power. 'Control over others' is the old school format for power conception. Power = ability to direct oneself in alignment of what's best for all life, unconditionally.

I commit myself to continue working through my comparison point of jealousy of others that I perceive as more 'powerful' than I in terms of influence.

I commit myself to stopping the doubt and indecision the moment it arises, by bringing my awareness back to my breath, and from there, direct myself as an equal to all those affected to bring what's best for all into focus.

I commit myself to sharing the perspective of what's best for all with others as me.

Thank you.
Photo credit: molumen