Day 101 - Writing Complement

To provide continuity within my writing in this blog, I will write in a complementary journal. Because I haven't already been doing that, and all that I could to become more clear and articulate with my writing, I see the point of laziness.

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to take a highly proactive approach to working for myself within the application of writing. To clarify, it is the procrastination (reason why this entry is so short) & lack of realizing the seriousness of this writing process. It's as if I'm doing this not for myself...

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from my writing through the perception that someone or something external is the reason I write. This is quite a significant point. I commit myself to take the time to reflect on my blog posts in a handwritten journal, and be effective in addressing the points that come up. Here, I realize that I've been writing adamantly with the intention that if I just get it all down, I can go back to it later and pick it apart, wherein I separate myself from 'later' and it rarely to never gets addressed.

From this day forward, I commit myself to keeping continuity between all of my posts with a side journal so that I may clearly address each point to completion before I scatter on to the next one while placing the responsibility of decoding them on my future self.