Day 84 - Getting my act together

Today, I spent my time within postponement of what I had intended to do. Last night I wrote down two things: Go to yoga at 2 and Research the nonprofit world.

Instead, I directed myself toward positive experiences with total disregard of my own agenda. I took care of things for others, I fell back on old routine/activities, and straight up wasted time with a silly game on my phone.

To begin to actually get my act together within the self-honest application of self-forgiveness, I will write out the steps involved. First, I commit myself to no more waiting until the last minute to begin pumping out a rushed blog post that is of less value to myself and any readers.

The context of this forgiveness session is just that: postponement, procrastination, lack of self-direction, pleasure seeking lack of will power, lack of discipline.

The steps:
1) Taking responsibility - so that I have the power to change
2) Getting specific - as not to allow anything slide past my awareness
3) Breaking down a thought - into each of the charged components that I've allowed to bring forth the thought without my absolute awareness.

I must address each charge that I've defined within the totality of my character by taking responsibility for it specifically. Real life examples will be here tomorrow...and every day from here on out.