Day 116 - Sticky Black Hole

I woke this morning by quickly sitting up and saying aloud "I forgive myself!...for accepting and allowing myself to believe I'm stuck." Just before this I recall a hazy subconscious image of a sticky black hole that kept pulling my back in.

My immediate interpretation was that this stickiness is the delay/postponement/fall point, where I allow myself to fall back into the old habit, whatever it may be. This point of continually allowing myself to submit, to be stuck within my existence was frightening enough to wake me suddenly, but I've done this my whole life and have just been suppressing it with distractions, which is the black hole in one way. So not seeing and hiding this function of my conscious participation/direction, was the easy way. Just existing within and as the sticky black hole and not realizing it was a perpetual, sustained existence. As I've been working through the point of procrastination, it has opened up more and more.

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And, I'm really starting to narrow and focus in on this design. How effective I've been in addressing the point has not been perfect at all, but I feel like I can't ignore this state of existence anymore. I can just sit back and watch myself fall back into the black hole that grabs at me. Though it seems like this force is separate from me, I realize that I am the black hole. I manifested it as a habit of allowing self to stand down and succumb to the energy pull (i.e. the sweetness of candy, the fun of online virtual battle games). The other part of this equation is the manifested negative experience of leaving the grip of the stickiness as the negative experience assumption of responsibility or self directing self.

This delay point is extensively ingrained within my being, and it will take time to see all the contributing forces of this 'sticky black hole.' As it is relevant to my day experience of myself, I believe I can overcome this force, layer by layer, with the self-forgiveness application that has already brought more awareness to the design. This is self-support, and this is why I write this blog. Any point can be walked through self-forgiveness if you have the courage to face the inner hurricane that cycles the same self-destructive thoughts/fears. 

Slow down the hurricane/black hole. Write yourself out for yourself to see. It's been pretty cool so far. Scary and overwhelming at times, but then I just have more to write about :)

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This post will be continued upon as I continue to specifically unravel the design. Thank you.