Day 122 - Vacation to the past

Soon, I will embark on a six hour drive to visit my college buddies. It's been 5 months since I've graduated and left it all behind. It was a shocking experience to move from high social stimulus to low. There is much more time when I'm not involved in multiple daily relationships, but that time can lead to an experience of just rotting away, as only I am pushing myself. No school schedule or social schedule to keep things moving fast.

So, going back to visit my remaining friends will be a blast from the past. My goal this weekend is to compare the lifestyle differences to see how I have changed or not changed. How have my relationships changed or not changed? What did I miss most? Least?

It's going to be interesting, at least for me it will be. So stay tuned to see how I answer these above questions, and forgive points of my past behavior/personality that have lain dormant since I've moved back home.

University of California, Santa Barbara