Day 120 - Stopping the illusion

When we create our perceptions of the world, there is typically a positive or negative association. When we live within a positive frame, we want to keep it that way. When we're down, we want to get back to the positive as quickly as we can. So, the pattern I'm placing into focus here is the positive/negative structure of experience. I call BS. It is ever more clear that these experiences are not stable, and so then I must not be stable. My whole life, I've assessed value in maintaining a positive frame, and so I did. I was more likable and could more easily get along with others if I kept the positivity going. I saw no reason not to; however, I now vague understand the relationship between positive and negative energy. I see it as made of the same substance, and you can't have one but not the other. They balance each other, as some universal law of balance. Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong, Light vs Dark, Happy vs Sad, Love vs Hate, etc. This makes the world go 'round, no?


The world is already going 'round, before and positive/negative experience is processed. We create these experiences kind of automatically in disregard of the spinning world. So, my understanding of the self-purification process that is laid out by Desteni is that we have to stop creating these experiential illusions. Why? Because we're addicted to them. Because we only consider ourselves within the pursuit of positive experience, not realizing that we are also contributing the the creation of the negative, internal experience.

STOP, I say! The crappy part is that stopping the positive experience is a negative experience. This is obviously balanced out by the stopping of the negative experience = a positive one. I was luckily born into privilege, and was able to figure out how to create a positive experiential frame within myself (to cover up the negative frames formed from fear). I participate in this process because giving up the illusion of positive so that I can stand stable and assist others in creating a world that's BEST for All ALWAYS is the life I've always wanted to live.

No more temporary illusions created by mind within polarity.

No more flip-floppin around with more regard for my own created illusion than for reality.

No more abuse of the physical world and it's equal, living inhabitants.

I commit myself to living in ONE world with ALL others as EQUALS, and ending the self created illusions of myself and others. While we recklessly create, we create inescapable consequence. Time to get our acts together. And by that I mean: It's time I get my act together.