Day 113 - Flawed Electoral System

I heard on the radio today that in some places, like Australia, there is a fine for not voting. That's cool concept, but what about our electoral college voting system? How is it accepted that our votes are essentially predetermined depending on what state we live in? Bogus.

The bind of our election process seems to destroy the notion of democracy. I recall in a college political science class that this system is just the way it is. That it sucks, but we have to use it. I call BS. By whatever means necessary, a true democratic voting system where each life equals one vote must and will be established. I support a true democracy, the ideal that so many others also support, because the majority of people want what's best for all.

I voted for an alternative party this time around because I'm sick of the friction-war between the left and the right. Can't you all just see that we're all both left and right? This divide is killing us. The third party vote was my expression of discontent for both candidates. Wasted? I used to believe so. Some would say that I can't have my cake and eat it too. That I can't vote in a broken system and break the system. Maybe so, in which case, voting should not be my focus. It never really was, but when I look at how voting is kind of a lazy, complacent outlet for social change, I realize I need to be doing more for the party that I fully support even though I can't yet "vote" for them.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be lazy within my process of establishing absolute self-honesty, not seeing realizing or understanding that my "vote" in this life is not bound by the restriction of our current electoral process. I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realize my own power as an equal with all to contribute to bringing about a world that supports life. End the abuse.

I commit myself to voting with my life's work.

I commit myself to supporting all life as equals, starting with myself. Here, I walk self-supportive corrective application for myself, and once I stand stable, I will support others as equals. This is my mission of self-honesty in realizing oneness and equality. Thanks.