Day 161 - The 5 P's to Shape the New Year

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"So big plans for 2013?" I asked, while sipping on some coffee just after our family New Year's Day breakfast.

My dad quickly responds, "Well, you know what the five P's are, don't ya?"

Now, I've heard this bit of wisdom several times in my life, but this time, with a smile on his face and his hand held out, decides to quiz me. I stumble a little, but I end up saying it:






And for the first time, I really resonate with it. Maybe it's because I had to recall it myself, but regardless, at this point my father has successfully instilled it in me. Now, it's up to me to do something with it. And that's just what I intend to do.

I've already been working with the point of delay, and there is still more to clear. I don't want to delay the onset of my life's work in this new year. Today, I have observed myself wallowing in the familiar pattern of delay that ensues when I have an overwhelming amount of work I'd like to be doing. It has become apparent that my lack of planning is contributing to my piss poor performance.

Thanks for the wisdom Dad.

SF and living commitment statements to follow tomorrow.