Day 231 - Putting in 100% Effort

...Or "120%!" like some guys say, but I just don't really think that's possible, mathematically, but the point that is trying to come across here is when you are seriously doing hard work, you need to work seriously hard. Through my "mathematical judgement" I was missing my true and initial reaction to "120%," that I didn't want to work hard.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not want to work hard because I believe that I can always find an easier way, a short cut, some hidden edge that no one had yet found, to leverage my work so that I could perform at less than 100% and still yield 100%.

Why have I operated this way for so long? It's as if this mentality had been inherited through generations, simply because I have no idea where I had grown this affinity to maximizing my output, SO I could work less. Any excuse to work less and still be successful. Very interesting programmed mentality.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a mentality of trying to make my work efforts amplified through finding an edge that others do not have, instead of working hard while also finding that edge to be able to reach that "120%." Now, it makes sense.

I had been missing how I was accounting for the edge. the little extra boost to production that happens by taking those extra, above and beyond, steps. Those extra steps are part of my 100% that leads to the "120%." My walk through life thus far has been on trying to do 80% and make it look like 100% through whatever clever method I could conjure.

Interesting! I have been hiding my true work ethic from others, when I could get away with it. This had transformed into hiding from myself that I wasn't even putting in 40% yet thinking that I was already at 100%, or at least 80%. So I snowballed the wrong way in terms of production and work ethic in life in general.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to only focus on what others see within me and my productivity output because in doing so, I am NOT being self-honest with myself and my ability to to perform.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to decline in productivity/motivation and trick myself into thinking that I am passively existing at the 100% level of work effort.

My frame of reference for doing work and working hard has been out of wack for a long time. "Perception is reality," one of the phrases I heard at my new job today. It's very true from the perspective that we only see through and with our current perspective. It's not true from the perspective that our perception is limited and reality is all of what is here, everything. So, this game of life, this program that is laid out before you, whatever it may be, it's up to you to decide to walk it and what your pace is. That decision process is not easy with a limited perspective. Bottom line: keeping an open mind will expand your perception in ways you have never imagined. Try it out!