Day 223 - Physical Postural Correction

I was fortunate enough to get a massage today, and there was a rather interesting statement made by the masseuse: "If you do not change your posture, you will just go back to the way you were." Meaning, all the work she was doing on the connective tissue was merely a release, and that my structural posture will only hold the correction if I strengthen the weak muscles. Instantly, I related this to my blog yesterday about the 2 parts of process: 1) Self-forgiveness & 2) Corrective application.

I even said to her, after giving a little context that massage is like self-forgiveness in how both are a release. Massage is a physical release of a holding pattern, and self-forgiveness is a mental release of a behavioral pattern. BUT, if I want to follow through with actual self change, in both cases I must put in that extra work. I have to move me into the correction. Physical posture correction requires the proper strengthening exercises and awareness of the physical, and stopping habits requires the will to stick to that decision in every moment.

So, how else do these two processes relate? The massage/self-forgiveness releases patterns as well as brings awareness. I didn't know my physical posture was misaligned and unsupportive, just as I didn't know my perspective was misaligned and unsupportive. There is also the relationship that when posture is aligned, my body is more supported and healthy, and thus I will be better able to replicate this in the mental realm.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to care less about my body than my mind, not realize that they are one and equal.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize when my mind has wandered in separation of my body to the extent that I don't realize my physical posture.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to utilize my mind in separation of my body. This is how we are all existing, and this is what needs to change. The practical corrective application for this is walking the investigation process who we are as mind and living the correction through. The second part of living the correction is going to be a challenge. Are you up for it?
When and as I see myself occupying a mental space without awareness of my body's positioning, I stop I breathe. I realize that the ideal in this situation is to be living one and equal with my physical and my spoken word. I commit myself to supporting my physical body through postural awareness, and in turn, my body will support me in being able to walk through resistance.

When and as I see myself disregarding my physical body, I stop I breathe. I realize that I am my physical and without it, I wouldn't be able to experience my mind. So, this mind before body delusion has to stop. I commit myself to first considering my body before I venture off into any mental space. I commit myself to practicing this repeatedly, and to remain as breath when realizing a fall, not getting upset with self-failure energy possession that totally compromises my ability to get back up after a fall.

I commit myself to my commitments, even if I fall here and there.

photo from: wikimedia