Day 286 - Self in Context of Human Rights

Spending even a little bit of time researching the current human rights affairs leaves a feeling of overwhelming disappointment. There is all this and that going on about human rights, but no one* is really doing anything to prevent the atrocities that take place on this planet. No one can have peace of mind without a a sweet monetary cushion. So really, the only people who can have the luxury of protected rights are those who can afford them, those that can afford legal defense and, that word is charged negatively in me. I don't know about you but I become somewhat enraged with the thought of the fortunate humans taking advantage of their fortunes to mitigate life circumstances to remain in a bubble, whereas the less fortunate human beings get no other option but full force misery. Word of the moment: Unfair

I have particular relationship to unfairness that I've been half aware of since my little brother was born. Now, I realize that all this time that "I wanted things to be fair," I actually only cared I was dealt a hand of unfair cards. As long as I was moving through circumstance of fairness or better, I was content. Through this, I unfairly treated others and my brother in particular. He was the easy target that I used to practice getting my way. I didn't realize the consequences of my behavior until I started studying the Desteni material. It is here that I really started considering who I am, instead of just what I want. I welcomed the core message of Self-Honesty, and so began process.

So far, I'v been very focused on myself. I understand that I need to work out my quirks to stabilize with an awareness of self so I can prevent unnecessary consequence. I'm not with every breath just yet, but progress is being made as an accumulation of awareness. A practical example: Flag pointing that feeling of superiority. I've been much more considerate of the awareness/stance of others when in conversation. This is just one aspect of the superiority/inferiority construct, and I still have a lot to walk through related to my inferiority complex - which is where I started from when I began constructing my ego drive for superiority.

What does all my personal baggage have to do with human rights? This relates to the point I addressed in yesterday's blog: Day 285 - Responsibility to Myself as Existence as a Whole where I basically connected my self-responsibility to worldly-responsibility (with plenty of room to elaborate in posts to come; it's a process). For now, I commit myself to spend a nice blend of my time writing for self here and for self as all through the equal human rights campaign.

I commit myself to spending the time to investigate human rights as an equal and one relationship with how I've committed myself to spending time on my individual process. It's time to get crackin: All for One and One for All style :)

Special thanks to Marlen's Equal Life Rights post! Check it out.