Day 281 - Application Preparation

Elaborating on my post yesterday: Day 280 - Why I Write

In my previous post I explained the current purpose/intention of my writing here as a method of self-support. By answering the questions: Who am I within my writing? What is the reason? What is the experience of myself when I initiate my writing? I can discover for myself the motivation to write myself here. Upon reflecting on my post yesterday, I found that I wandered off into the delay point a bit, and I missed a specific aspect of my reason for writing: Application Prep!

Answering these questions again: Who am I within my writing? I am directing myself to understand and clarify my purpose and motivation. What is the reason? Self-Support. What is the experience of myself when I initiate my writing? Aiming for specificity and thoroughness.

map it out!                 cc

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize that my ultimate goal within my Journey to Life writing, is to build a foundation of support as external reference for myself, and others, to see, realize and understand what's being accepted and allowed within and as Self, and to bring forth that understanding when applicable in real-time living.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to write for the sake of anything other than the eventual living application of the insight and realizations I come to within my self-supportive writing.

When and as I see myself writing just to write, I stop I breathe. I realize that I've likely delayed my self-supportive writing process through not having this one point of the purpose of my writing affirmed. I commit myself to plan time for effective self-supportive writing. I am glad I wandered of into delay yesterday, or I may have not made this connection between delay as an outflow of writing for an external purpose.

Now, all of this writing will only do me any good if I can live it. Thus, I commit myself to constantly investigate where and why my living application is not in alignment with my understanding, insight, realizations that I arrive at through my writing process.

When and as I see myself anxious or worried that I cannot really live my self-realizations from within my writings, I stop I breathe. I realize this as just another mental gymnastic causing resistance to self-change. I commit myself to really breathe and not let this particular resistance stop me from pursuing self-perfection through writing realizations and practicing living them until I simply live the realization.

Join in on this writing process to investigate yourself and build your own platform of self-support. By doing so, you will support others as well. You may find that you get overwhelmed with many different resistance experiences. Stop. Breathe. Who are you in relation to writing yourself to freedom?..

Want to write about it? :)