Day 287 - Re-Inspired by Social Media Professionals

I spontaneously dropped in on a Careers in Social Media and Digital Marketing panel put on by the Career Services Department at University of California, Santa Barbara. I had just spent 2 hours in the Career Center, reading books and taking notes, and when I was leaving to go the bathroom and go eat, I saw the sign. It started 5 minutes ago, but the decision process was fairly simple. This is a line of work that very much interests me. So I heard them out for one and a half hours.

Here are the key points from the panel:
  • Get real world experience
  • Show work ethic and commitment
    • longevity within an organization is good
  • Know your Strengths!
  • Tell a good story
    • Write a good headline
  • Content is Key for modern SEO
    • write a blog (hehe)
  • Hard skills vs. Soft Skills
    • technical ability vs. human interaction
  • Google+ holds more potential for global networking
  • GPA doesn't matter as much as the chemistry and attitude at first interview
It was pretty cool to be in this stimulating environment of business professionals and successful entrepreneurs. I found myself taking a bunch of notes and with wide eyes. I was an invigorated with this feeling of inspiration and "I can do this." When the feeling died down, I realized that when I return home and leave this collegiate environment, I will be faced with having to create myself without this external stimulation. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create a relationship toward other professionals that affects my work ethic and drive to become more. I realize this energy is seemingly great, until it fades and I am feeling the polar opposite. I commit myself to realizing when the negative polarity of inspiration is in effect and to investigate it and stop it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear that I will not be able to accomplish success without external motivation. I realize that I can make full use of resources, connections and mentors, etc. The idea is that my starting point is within me and my work ethic is a self-movement, not an energetic-feeling reaction. I commit myself to establish my work ethic in achieving greatness without reliance on inspiration in separation of myself.

Special Thanks to the Panel Members: Jacques Habra, Kim Clark, Masen Yaffee & Tina Reed Johnson.