Day 264 - Success vs Projected Success

Best way I can think to expand this point is through a bulleted list:

Projected Success
  • Internalized from an imagination source starting point
    • strong affect on ego / self-image
      • feels real
    • complete separation from reality
  • Hoped for
    • reliance on others / external forces (i.e. "the universe")
    • self-responsibility & work ethic are compromised
  • Diligence
    • meticulous
    • planned + follow through
    • hard work
  • Real time, practical application.
    • defined within the context of reality; measurable
  • Integrity is upheld
    • absolutely necessary
Maybe I could go on, but for now I feel comfortable with this outline. It depicts the general point that I am struggling with. For most of my life, I've live in my head. My future projected self was fortunate and successful. "Why would I work hard if I could just maintain that!?" Because I now see realize and understand that it's not practical. I'm not going to achieve this perfect version of self by sitting on my ass thinking about it.

Now that I'm in the real world (a.k.a. out of school) and walking my process within the daily JTL blogging and Desteni I Process, I simply cannot take the shortcuts anymore. I was able to justify it in school because I placed school as something imposed on me by external forces, and I didn't feel bad about cheating the system to get ahead. Now, I find that cheating myself just doesn't work, because why would I even try if I'm not going to be for real. I am directly affected by my work ethic. Integrity is key.

I'm going to take my time with this point. There is more going on here than I can effectively work with in one post. Slow down, break it up into measurable, lived success. See, I'm getting it! :)

Join me tomorrow for a continued expansion through self-forgiveness.