Day 257 - Character Shifting vs. Living Commitment (Part 4)

Continuing with my mini-series on Commitment:
This post is going to add perspective on how I am going to achieve lasting self-change. First point that came up: achievement. This word set off a flag for me. In the context of a living commitment, it's not something to be achieved. There is not an 'end,' per say, where I will not have to try to keep my commitment anymore. No. Very similar to how people in AA are forever a recovering alcoholic, a self-commitment that is lived, is alive and here in each moment that's applicable.

The Character Shifting dynamic of changing self is an interesting point in contrast. For example: I accumulate a frustration with my nail biting habit. This frustration is builds and I base my change in relation to this reaction. This is not real change as a living self-commitment because I am operating within the same mental construct. The basis of my self-change is a reaction to point that wasn't real to begin with. The more one studies how the mind operates in polarity, the more it makes sense how feeding the positive is the same as feeding the negative. Another example: If I'm inclined to maintain happiness, I can ask myself why am I sad. I must fear being sad or lack happiness in order to desire to be happy. One system, two poles.

The point of this illustration is to help me have the context when the moment arises, so that I do not charge a system of illusionary change, rather create a living statement of self-direction. It's not so black and white though because I am the MIND as I walk this process into the physical. I must give myself the breathing space to practice the application of my commitments. When I reach the point where I feel comfortable/confident that my commitment will stand, I will move forward with the next point. BUT, I am not done living my commitment. The mind will throw a situation at me to test me. I can't tell you how many donuts have grimaced at me (context: Day 254). The question is, will I stand?

There are still desires, movements, and triggers that activate in relation to the commitments I have upheld, and I will eventually release those as well. The key is am I able to remain in directive control of me, or will I allow resistance/desire/energy to move me? The more I build perspective on how I as the MIND operate, the more equipped I will be to thoroughly forgive the charged point and establish a living commitment. Without a comprehensive perspective, I am prone to reacting within one system and fueling a a change that will not last. The polarity cycle operates like an infinity symbol.

Tomorrow, I will continue with another dimension of living commitments and begin self-forgiveness.

A special thanks to Heaven's post I AM the Mind: DAY 330 for my writing launch pad today:
"So, many people may argue that – shifting from one Character/Personality to another within Energy/Energy-Reactions, such as from the Lazy/Failure Character (Negative) to the Discipline/Success Character (Positive) means ‘Change’, because there is Change evident within Physical Reality. In the sense that, one do in fact become more disciplined and slowly but surely assimilate into and as the Process of becoming Successful. However, what we’re going to show here is that: SELF has not changed WITHIN self, but what has shifted and adapted through REACTIONS: is one’s Mind and one’s experience within the Mind and so also the content/nature of what one participate within, in the Mind."