Day 205 - Loss of Control

Been examining resistance more deeply today.

I realized that the words like procrastination, delay  and resistance are mush to broad and general to use within the required specificity of this self-forgiveness process of releasing this energetic pattern. They are more initial, umbrella terms that serve a purpose, but just don't go deep enough.

So in light of my recent developments in examining resistance patterns and today being Valentine's Day, I'd like to cover two points that I found a connection between.

With the experience of resistance toward work there is this negativity association with work that I don't want to do. While writing about this in my side journal, the first point I came to was a loss of freedom to do as I please. So I've built a resistance toward anything that takes away my ability to do as I immediately please to do.

- And now -

Resistance toward Love. In my past Valentine's Days, I used to merrily go about using this excuse to treat a lady nicely (to get her to like me). What's interesting here is that I would willingly compromise my freedom (and wallet) to cater toward presenting a likable image of myself for another human being. In this, I am doing what I wanted to do in self-interest of making the girl feel special so she will like me and give me the attention that boosts my ego and I feel good about myself having another being that digs me.
Happy Valentine's Day ;)

As I grew up out of middle school,  and got into my first (& only 1 year long) relationship during highschool, a sense of wanting more came up. My focus was shifting toward wanting to better my self and my future. The girls started holding me back. In this, I developed a relationship of self-compromise within relationships.

I've held a belief that I haven't been ready to start writing about my relationship dynamics within process yet mainly because this point has been so central to who I've created me to be as a personality. I long resisted participating within the Desteni group for about 1.5 years because I was afraid to give up my lust for women. Sounded ridiculous from a college kid's perspective. I digress.

I created resistance toward relationships for the same/similar reason as I did with work, loss of control. Once I found myself in a moment of having to do something other than what I would like to do in that moment, I wanted out. I really have been uncomfortable with a loss of freedom.

So, today I've exposed a giant resistance point that wasn't clear before and connected it to another point within my past relationships. For Valentine's Day, I give the gift of self-love as self-discovery, and I share it with you.

I am not included to pump out any quick and light SF right now, this investigation will continue to develop and you can expect SF and CA (corrective application) statements tomorrow.

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