Day 312 - Taking Breaths for Granted

This is a cycling realization that each moment is a moment that I am either directing myself specifically or I am running on autopilot according to some outdated mental program that I created in my formative years.

It is a cultural phenomena to bounce around from distraction to distraction. Maybe we call it an occupation because we can make money. This form of distraction is "okay" because money is all that really matters, right? It defines us. Not only does it support our survival, but it's also very much a societal status thing. I'm slipping into a rant about money as I digress.

The concept I'm trying to share is the idea of I can take X amount of breaths a day for granted. I mean, what is up with that?! Why is this chill? How do I not realize the significance of who I am in each moment, with every breath? It's absurd, and yet commonplace. I know there are many readers (you) who can remember having at least a single moment where they felt alive! To enjoy life in that absolute simplicity of being life. To be awesome is that!

Alas, this accounts for only a small fraction of our lives, probably more during our childhood. So what happened? Where did I lose myself?

Since I've been walking with Desteni, one of the key tools they push is to breathe. And on my mind I kind of go, "yeah yeah, ok.," all while I'm totally missing the idea.  I realize this is going to be a long journey to life, BUT I don't intend to make it longer by repeatedly taking my breath for granted.

To be continued with specifically designed self-forgiveness.