Day 311 - My Favorite Band

I've been waiting for this day. It caught me off guard and I'm having trouble with my writing flow. How do I convey the passion I've been feeling while listening to this music? How can I pay tribute to the band in a way that...I've got it. I'll just litter my post with links to some of my favorite songs and describe how 311 has played a significant role in my life.

Even though I only started really listening to 311 in my second year of college, it feels like I've been listening to them for eons. I was obsessed, and any true 311 fan would understand exactly why. I can't do it justice, but to give you an idea why: They mix the perfect groove with truth resonant lyrics. I really enjoy the melodies, guitar riffs and super sweet base lines, but it wasn't until I started listening to the lyrics that I started to reconsider everything. I became obsessed looking for verbal insight in the midst of awesome music.

I didn't begin to crack the code when my friend showed me this song in high school, but the second time 311 popped into my life was right in the middle of my "spiritual awakening." It was music to my ears in every sense of the expression. I could try to go on and elaborate about how great the music felt in combination with the insightful lyrics, but I'll just leave you with this example: Sun Come Through.

When I came across the Desteni message of oneness and equality about a year after my 311 obsession kicked in, I kind of felt like a dear in headlights. Among other spiritual quests prior, 311 prepped me for what I was about to hear, yet at the same time, there were contradictions. My curiosity, open-mindedness, and definitive quest for truth kept me going in this pivotal moment along my spiritual path. Desteni was claiming all the enlightenment and ascension stuff that I was beginning to get deeper in (see post 217) was futile. I was lucky I didn't react and reject it. I held the contradictions in limbo while I continued exploring: How could equality be a living embodiment? The oneness part was easy. Even 311 is down for the unity!

That the gist of it. I continued with my curious investigation, my spiritual awakening turned into my Journey to Life, and it turns out I was strong all along! :)

Now I'm here to share how I got here with each post I publish. It's for you to walk with me. We're actually all in this journey to life together, equal and one. Wherever you are on your path, we are all "nothing but a walking sack of Earth," and thus individually responsible for our collective direction.

Will you be part of the peaceful revolution, or just another beautiful disaster?

Thanks for everything 311!

P.S. Thought I should mention Inner Light Spectrum <   my favorite song, barely.


Support the Equal Life Foundation and check out the Equal Money platform. Tons of insight can also be garnered in the Desteni forum.

Enjoy Life & Be The Solution.