Day 319 - Time flying by

I've been in a mini rut. haven't blogged for two days. First day, I had agreed with myself that I do not want to write the blog on this night. I was tired and unwilling to pump out a mediocre post for some external sake. I realize that this blog is written by me for me. Yes, other's may read it, and maybe people of the future will be reading this in the internet archives. The potential of someone relating to my process is the only reason I write this Journey to Life publicly...I often forget that. I tend to wait until the end of the day, out of habit of doing work for a reason outside of myself, some reason other than effective self support. Dan, me, I am here to realize the nature and design of myself that I've created, accepted and allowed. Why, so I can walk the self-forgiveness process and release mental charges that keep me in polarized experience, keep me out of my breath. To reside in the moment here, within my body, instead of within a mind domain that is elsewhere, taking breath and life for granted. Distracted or preoccupied. No time for self to support self.

This is not okay. The world is on a path to WW3. There's a storm of jobless people coming, and I'm sitting in my parents house resisting my individual process with whatever excuse seems valid in a moment. There are over 30,000 deaths today from hunger alone according to (Thanks for the source Garbrielle's blog!). Time is not a luxury for everyone.

I am educated. I have heard the desteni message, and I understand the solution = my participation. With out me, how can I expect anyone to do anything. I have no excuse to not live as the solution. I realize this, yet I still allow myself to abuse time. Not acceptable.

The second day I chose to skip my writing was due to me delaying and delaying until there was not enough time to write a quality post. When I take this out of the context of time and external responsibility, it looks like I am just not willing to do what I need to be done.

I have a responsibility that is expanding as I walk my individual process. Once I clear my head, I will then be best able to support others and fulfill my equal and one role of participating as the solution. One life. One world. One problem...the mental conditioning that keeps us looping in distractions and excuses, drastically limiting our potential as the One solution.

I've recently been reading a book that was gifted to me called The ONE Thing. The key idea is that successful people have just one thing to do. By focusing on just one thing at a time, we can accumulate our accomplishment and be successful in whatever we set our minds to. A large amount of the human race is racing for money alone. Some others have made a girl/guy their one thing. Others, a sports team. For me, my one thing is the world. That's a huge one thing, and I've allowed myself to get bogged down and overwhelmed by it all.

This is no joking matter. This is the one thing holding me back right now. I need to start taking myself more seriously. How I spend each moment is a choice: Do I react within a preprogrammed set of rules within my consciousness, OR do I breathe and consider the self-honesty of myself? Will I allow the feeling to be my excuse for why I can't do it, OR will I stand and direct myself to do what is best? So simple. The faster I figure this out, the less I'll be kicking myself in the butt.

Time is flying by as I watch from the perspective of a consciousness initiated time-loop.
-- OR --
Time is where I am. Time is timeless. Time is who I am. There is only one Time, here.

I commit myself to get back into effective self-supportive writing, on the daily.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to lose sight of my one purpose, living true compassion for life. As a global-social entrepreneur.

I commit myself to the ONE thing that matters most: educating myself into becoming a living solution.