Day 456 - Onwards

Ok, I'm in the final 18 minutes of the month, so it's time for a quick recap and resetting my sights for October 2018. This is going to be my 13th post of 30 days, without any doubling up, even though that was my intention while excusing myself from missing a day.

I've learned that a lot of the issues I'm creating for myself come from framing my reality in narrow ways. For example, approaching my writing like I would homework, procrastinating it until the final few minutes, turning it into this big monster, just like I would with a term paper.

In hindsight, to make the most of not reaching my goal - I've got to learn all I can about myself and how I operate, so I can make a more realistic goal for myself. One thing: I underestimate how much energy these posts can take, so doing one a day is a lot. I cannot let this perceptual mishap continue to burn me as it has. More grounded, realistic planning will go along way. I'll continue to unpack more dimensions here as I find them.

For October, I commit myself to write 15 days or more. Time to test a commitment to myself for every other day. My thinking is this will open up more room for writing longer posts with more specifics and depth in them, while then giving me a day to rest in between (if needed). Test all things, keep what's best.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being a failure, and so focus on failing instead of what I can do.

I commit myself to continue re-framing 'failure' in my living expression to catapult my success!

See you on the next calendar page.

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