Day 455 - Work Hard, Every Waking Hour

elon musk how to achieve 10x more success peers work hard every waking hour
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Right at the beginning of this video (20 seconds in), the creator shows a clip of Elon saying:
"...we're so hard off, we had just one computer; so the website was up during the day, and I was coding at night. Work hard, like, every waking hour. That's the thing I would say, particularly if you're starting a company."

The rest of the video is worthwhile, breaking down how Elon's inclusive vision for humanity is a major component to his appeal, making up for his poor presentation skills.

I may not have the intellect of Musk, but I share a similar vision for humanity = United. I foresee a world where individuals are looking out for the best interests self and all. Self is All, so golden rule all around!

But what's been getting in the way of such basic human compassion?


The fear keeps us cycling in the mind, so we never get to truly know ourselves. And without knowing ourselves, we don't get to know others. Instead we fear them, because we've got to look out for #1 (+family/clan), only to end up giving cause for fear. Just as hurt people, hurt people; scared people scare people! We've got to start getting a handle on the Self = All equation, and start STOPPING these deep-seated & multi-generational designs that we've lived into our lives.

It's easy to fall into fear paradigm because we've collectively been doing it, a very long time.

Here comes the work!

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to work hard, every waking hour, in a balanced manner, such that all my needs and responsibilities are being taken care of, so that I may additionally focus on Self and Business development projects.

I commit myself to writing myself to orient when and as I see myself not working hard.

There's lots to do. Big world solutions are needed. This blog is just the beginning! Sack up Daniel.


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