Day 427 - Dan Re-Stand

It's been almost 7 years since I started investigating Desteni. It's been just over 4 years since I started my blog and begun walking the Desteni "I" Process. Today, I shaved my head (even closer to the skin than in Day 1!) to restate my standing and participation in process.

Within the Declaration of Principled Living, I provided myself with the framework of what it means to walk process. Over the years, I've lost sight of my process, and in the small, I simply haven't actively been working through the layers of my programming each day.

Shedding yet another layer of ego, I'm here to clear my head, humble myself and recommit to walking the Desteni tools daily - writing, sounding self-forgiveness, and real-time change.

I've been hiding from facing myself, and accepting and allowing that. I've investigated myself conditionally, too reluctant to let go of self-diminishing personality patterns, within which I take sickening comfort. While I haven't yet nailed down every dimension of this extensive programming, what I clearly know is my capacity and willingness to see this process through, regardless of life throws at me.

A simple mission of identifying the destructive separation and fear I operate within, being self-honest, and correcting myself to align within the interests of what is best for hard can it be? Well, I found out the hard way, how hard this is, and I'm not going to let that discourage me. I accept this challenge with all of my being.

I commit myself to specifying my Declaration of Principled Living and substantiating it with physically aligned action.

I am here as sound to create a new tune for planet earth. I stand to support myself and others in this journey to life. I will no longer casually compromise my daily process walking. This is my life, my time to shine. Here I am, walking, discovering my oneness and equality.

Thank you for walking with.