Day 412 - Commitment to Speak Daily Self-Forgiveness

Over the past year +, I've been practicing speaking self forgiveness out loud, and I've noticed a pretty significant shift in my process. The main difference is this sense of solid, grounded movement. Like, if you're familiar with writing the self forgiveness out on paper or on a blog or whatever, sometimes it seems like it's not all sticking, or "I must be missing some dimensions, that must be why the SF isn't taking hold."

I've many times revisited the realization that self-forgiveness is only effective when paired with the corrected living application. The way I understand it is that the self forgiveness removes energetic blocks that lock us in repetitive, unwanted behaviors. With clearing that old instruction out of the body, it's now up to SELF to finish the job and create the corrected code to live by.

So that's a very important aspect, but what I'm looking at for this post is the specific difference of writing self forgiveness versus speaking it aloud.

As I'm currently understanding it: The writing is kind of the structure, blueprint, code that is contains the power. Like a key. I like this key analogy that just came to me! Writing out the self forgiveness is like fashioning the key for a mind-body system "lock." When writing out the self forgiveness for self, I can be astoundingly specific, because within and as me is also the equality: Self = Lock. So, it is highly beneficial to leverage writing as a tool and a medium, for exacting a precise key.

Now, when I sound the self forgiveness, out loud, using my vocal chords and diaphragm: this is the turning of the key. Living the words in my voice = having the key in the lock, and turning the key. Physical application. Using my body as an instrument, and playing a coded symphony to the demise of a particular ailment. It's like tuning the body.


So, at this point in my process of understanding how everything hangs together, I am ready to commit to a daily application of spoken Self Forgiveness. I know clearly, and first-handedly the value of this practice, and I see no reason not to incorporate this into my daily routine. I'm going to start with a 90-day commitment, and go from there. I'll keep you posted.

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