What is Process?

In an nutshell, it's Life being reborn within each of us, as we wake up to our preconditioned mind-state, shut it down, and breathe fresh Life into our expression, supporting Life and that which is best for all.

The Desteni I Process is one process. Let's call it the super duper one, but really it's just a structured way to walk the 'I' construct out of delusional ego, back to it's purest expression of 'I am', as all 'I's' are one and equal as that 'I' in 'I am.' This description works for me, but it could probably use some cleaning up soon.

The Lite version of the above course is also incredibly valuable, well-structured way of being introduced to the writing process of self-honest, self-reflection - an invaluable skill. It's an extraordinary opportunity to be partnered with a buddy, one-on-one with a Destonian, who will answer questions as you integrate the core, basic tools of process. FOR FREE, learn how to dig yourself out of any self-perceptual weirdness you may find yourself in = Real Cool.

EQAFE is one of those very special gathering places on the internet. It's where all the core Destonians flock to listen to the latest process support coming through the portal. For more into on the interdimensional beings, what the portal is, or any other question in existence, I strongly recommend searching this website, or the YouTube channel and Facebook. (Definitely recommend subscribing for the free content on youtube and/or getting your mind blown for a dollar!)

Certainly check out Desteni.org and the Forums over there! It's a pretty small, grassroots community...which is kind of absurd, really, given what's going on here.

The community has spread far and large, with some of my favorite gatherings being like the facebook Daily Self Forgiveness group or checking out the stream of content shared on Destonians.com

There's something for everyone. And process is here for everyone. So the more educated and well versed you become within process - the more reward you'll be able to reap from careful and meticulous sewing. Enjoy, one breath at a time ;)